Robert G. Horn, M.D.

Robert G. Horn, M.D., Founder and Director, initiated his study of kidney biopsies as a full-time faculty member in Pathology at Vanderbilt University (1965 - 1981) where he established a kidney biopsy service as a part of the electron microscopy laboratory. He continued his work in kidney biopsy diagnosis as a staff pathologist at Baptist Hospital in Nashville (1981-1985). Since 1985, Dr. Horn has confined his practice to this facet of Pathology, as the owner of this private and independent laboratory in Nashville, providing renal biopsy pathology services and diagnosis in a consultative orientation to practicing nephrologists in this region.

Our focus is excellent preparation results on every specimen within the same time period (48 hour final report turnaround, 12-24 hour preliminary report). Due to the variablility of specimen quantity, we handle each specimen to maximize information for the pathologist, no matter how limited the sample. This saves patient distress from repeat biopsy or limited information from initial biopsy.

This laboratory is able to give preliminary results to our nephrologists on the day we receive each specimen, and in most cases our final report is completed by the next day. Overnight delivery services, such as Federal Express, allow us to complete the entire biopsy workup within 2 days of the time the biopsy is performed.

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